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Why aren't captive elephants always released back into the wild?

 Elephants that survive human-driven hardships, abandonment, or injuries need our support. Whether they were forced into the entertainment industries for tourism or stolen or abandoned as calves, we believe every elephant deserves a second chance at a beautiful life. This is why I set out to start something. A big dream that I wasn’t sure was possible or something I’d even be able to accomplish. With all the negative hurdles I foresaw coming my way, I started brainstorming anyways. I knew and know, that as long as nothing is done, nothing ever will be done. I was, and still am, so passionate about helping the elephants. As I began thinking of different ways I could help this massive species, I realized the greatest impact I could make was through the support of people around the world. In order to give elephants across the globe the greatest chance at survival and rehabilitation, I needed to find a way to have a continuous stream of proceeds. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so that’s where Elephunds comes in. 

 At Elephunds, we donate a large portion of the proceeds from every single order to elephant-saving sanctuaries and organizations. The proceeds help these organizations support the growth, health and wellbeing of the elephants that reside at their sanctuaries. Elephant sanctuaries are homes for elephants that offer a safe place for them to live out the remainder of their lives. Many elephants enter sanctuaries after being rescued or “retired” from industries using them for riding, logging, the circus, and street begging -amongst others. The exploitation of elephants has been around for ages. With all the beautiful pictures we see and many of the horrors hidden from our eyes, it can be hard to know what these animals suffer through for our species' enjoyment. Some of these elephants are bred in captivity, never knowing what being wild and free feels like, while others are stolen as calves and treated poorly for the remainder of their lives. This is why sanctuaries are usually the best place for these elephants to reside after their heartbreaking lives spent in the work and entertainment industries. The elephants may be too sick, old, or injured to be released back into the wild, or they may be too acclimated to life in captivity to survive in the wild after years of abuse. These sanctuaries are the perfect place for these gracious animals to live out their lives. A home that is loving with wide spaces to roam, and a staff dedicated to their well-being.