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What conflicts do elephants face?

 As a lifelong elephant lover, it pained me to hear about the conflict’s elephants face. Elephants are continuously being poached for the (illegal) ivory trade, forced into entertainment industries, suffer wildlife-human conflict, and major habitat loss. As cities develop and grow, ancient migratory routes become trickier to navigate. These “blocks in the road” cause the elephants to try and adapt by moving through cities to reach their destination. Migrating through a city is not ideal and causes disturbances between wildlife and human interactions. These human settlements expand into their habitat and use more and more land for agriculture and the construction of infrastructure. All these additions continue to fragment the elephant’s habitat and add to the human-wildlife conflict each year. As a species with only 40,000-50,000 remaining, they are on the endangered species list. Within my lifetime, (by the year 2040, roughly) these gracious animals could be extinct, and that breaks my heart. That is why we need to act now to try and protect their species. Elephants that survive human-driven hardships, abandonment, or injuries need our support. Whether they were forced into the entertainment industries for tourism or stolen or abandoned as calves, we believe every elephant deserves a second chance at a beautiful life.