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Ethical sanctuaries and how to ensure you're supporting one

 I’m not a picky person in general, but I am very selective about where everyone’s hard-earned dollars are donated. There are many “sanctuaries” that exist for tourism. They are calling themselves sanctuaries, when in fact, they are still exploiting the elephants -a number one no-no in what a sanctuary is supposed to be. These are the unethical places that an elephant shouldn’t have to suffer in. These places use elephants to draw in tourists and may offer things where the elephants are participating in unnatural behaviours. These would be things like painting, dancing, performing tricks, or getting the chance to ride or play in the water with the elephants. These places force the animals to partake in these activities and offer them no choice. Any place that offers this type of human amusement, uses chains and/or bull hooks, or abuses them in any way is not a sanctuary. Those are the places an elephant should be saved from. True sanctuaries will never offer any of these attractions. The only attraction that should be offered is watching the elephants be themselves from a safe distance. These ethical sanctuaries will never abuse, breed, buy, sell, trade, exploit, or profit from the elephants that reside on their premises. This is why it is crucial that the donations are given to the sanctuaries that use the proceeds to help the elephants and not themselves. 

 As I mentioned before, we are careful about where the donations go, so we can ensure they are received by the right hands. Donations from Elephunds will always go towards the right and honest sanctuaries. The sanctuaries where the elephants are free to roam through wide open spaces, have access to shade, fresh food, and lots of water. And above all, are treated with compassion, care, and love. The donations are used by these organizations to be able to afford proper veterinary care, correct food, and a well-maintained reserve. We stand behind the Elephants in their fight to be removed from the endangered list, and we hope others will too.